Is it true that the more we are moving ahead of technology, the more we are going further back in the world

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Friends, today everything is happening in our world which used to happen in our past and after many years, as new technology has developed, accordingly we have started growing rapidly, our life has gained momentum in a way and  Our life has become completely moving and in such a dynamic life, the same time is coming in our life which we have left behind.

  Many more such activities are expected to come back in our life

Life is very valuable, but friends, if we ever remember our previous life or past life, then at that time neither our homes had electricity nor we did not have mobile phones.  Today there is everything on TV to watch, yet why are we going back, friends, the more technology is helping us to advance, the more it is on us in a way  The whole process is also going on, friends, before many times, we used to have many such diseases, which we did not get treated, many people died because of that, they were not treated at that time but today those things are treated and diseases are not coming out. 
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Many years ago, there was an epidemic disease, after which a disease named playing came, many people died in that disease, now the diseases that have come out today are such a fear  The disease I am also tells you about the disease

  Corona Virus

 As if a virus has come in our country or our world today, its name is Coronavirus friends in the past, like Chikungunya was such a disease due to the play eats because of the mice and the disease that is happening today is named Corona disease.  This terrible virus is being born in our world today, due to which a citizen of every country is feeling a fear of every world, which is so much ours today  He has gone ahead, yet the path to avoid such terrible virus disease is not quick, due to such virus, the whole country can be shaken, with that the health organization is scared even and this is the result that we have come as much as possible.  Many such diseases are coming back and many new diseases are coming out and on that our scientists are working very fast and are looking for some cure to escape and that is one thing  Process which we are going to the front have left much behind all those big starts it